areca nut & organic cotton. hybric eco-blend

Areca nut cultivation is one of the traditional, indigenous agricultural crops of India.  It is a palm tree species under the family of Arecacae and its use dates back throughout the history of Indian tribes.

India is the worlds largest producer of Areca nut accounting for 49.74% and exports world-wide.

Following the Areca nut's extraction it is the husk that is removed as waste, and typically burnt for firewood or disposed of as farm waste.  The husk is rich in fibre and therefore was seen to have enormous potential for for the production of yarn and fabric.

Our makers have worked to extract the husk's fibre and use in making 100% Areca nut fabrics, however this was seen as unsuitable, therefore the team came up with a blend of 30% Areda nut and 70% Organic cotton, to ensure that the yarn yields a good quality natural fibre fabric that is also affordable.

Tests  have shown that this newly developed fabric is heavy and durable and suitable for making shirts and home furnishings.


The blend they created is made up of the warp in cotton and the weft is the Areca nut husk.

The farbric also has a high uptake for natural bleaching and colouring properties therefore making it suitable to dye using GOTS certified dyes.


Known for its traditional medicinal properties, the Areca Nut has been said to improve eyesight when used in Ayurveda natural treatments, helps lower blood pressure, relives asthma and improves a number of skin diseases.  It is believed that the benefits of the Areca nut will be pass on to the fabric.