banana sylk. fabric specs

The Mill that STSC were working with is unreliable and we are working hard with another Mill to create a new fabric supply.

Wholesale silk-grade Banana Sylk fabric made from 100% pure banana plant stem. This natural textile is sourced from inside of the banana stem, the softest part of the plant.

Luxuriously soft, more breathable, durable, less water-consumptive and non-toxic; Banana Sylk is biodegradable plus more sustainable and eco than other natural fibre such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.

Banana fabric technically starts its life as a plant fibre that is  "waste" from a food crop, therefore the Banana fibre's water consumption starts at zero when we began creating the fabric. 

These natural fibres absorb the dyes much better than cotton therefore less water waste, and the water from the plant dyes are used to irrigate fields surrounding the facility creating a close loop system.


We dont know how long it will take to have the fabric in hand so please keep watching this page or sign up on Facebook or Newsletter below.