APPOINTMENTS & consulting.

Book an appointment to go through the textiles collection in person at our studio at 107 Projects, Redfern, Sydney or via Skype. 


Cost is aud$110 and is approximately 2 hour appointment.  We will help educate you on the broad topic of sustainable textiles, introduce 500+ sustainable textiles and discuss the types of textiles that will suit your purposes and how  you can also communicate this to your customers.


. Click the BOOK NOW button on Facebook page to see available times.  aud$100 is rebated from first aud$1000 order.

2. Then download and fill in the Purchase Order Request Form that is the start of us finding out which fabrics you are most interested in so we can tailor an appointment to your requirements.

We can also discuss and help with aspects of full production from design to dyeing or printing to manufacturing.  Read through the following documents for full details  Consulting information

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