40x40 AYURVASTRA HANDLOOM ORGANIC COTTON. Pink/Tumeric 42 medicinal plants

SKU: 28-ayurneemtumeric40x40

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    PRICING. aud$12 per metre. Postage not included


    FABRIC. Organic Cotton. 

    Handloom plain weave and hand dyed using Ayurvastra method of hand dying, using Neem (pink), tumeric and 42 medicinal plants


    WIDTH. 160 cm / 63 inch

    THREAD COUNT. 40x40 thread

    MOQ. 5 metres

    CODE. #28


    KNOWN BENEFITS. Used for general wellbeing /skin condition /eczema


    • Handwoven from 100% organic cotton yarn
    • Washable
    • No Synthetics, Chemicals
    • Hypoallergenic / Non allergenic
    • Biodegradable
    • Washes/sustain with benefits. approx 100



    The count size is worked out on the old system using inches not metric centimetres. So the count is the number of threads per inch. This means that a 45 count fabric has 45 threads in every inch of fabric and a 60 count fabric has 60 threads in every inch


    NOTE. STSC and the makers take no responsibility for skin or health reactions to the natural herbs used in our fabrics.