BOOK1c. SAMPLING. MODAL PLAIN 90gsm - 51 colours. Sample Book only.



$12.50/m for 30 metres plus $30 cut fee an $10 bank fee.

Nominate your favourite colour on this Order Form.

Cost does not include freight.


MODAL PLAIN 90gsm in 51 Colours in the Sample Book.

Step 1.

Download and view the prices and details for the STSC LENZING ECO-VISCOSE BOOKS.

Note, most MOQs start at 30 metres or printed 20 metres plus a printing Consultancy Fee (see CONSULTING).

Tell us which you'd like to order: either SAMPLE BOOKS or full SAMPLE PACK for garment sampling.

For orders above 30m send a Purchase Order Request we can see what is possible and send an Invoice accordingly.


If you want to have fabric printed or dyed learn more about Consultancy