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    ACCREDITATION. GOTS Certified, Global Recycled Standard. GOTS dyes and Traceability Signature Software for the organic cotton to trace the cotton for full transparency. STSC is enormously privileged to be working with this Mill whose Owner is a textile technologist who has been working in the textile industry for 13 years and is developing his own hybrid eco-blends to support the environment, growers and makers.

    Also available from this Mill - Organic cotton blended with one of the following:

    • 30% Banana with 70% organic cotton
    • 30% Aloe Vera with 70% organic cotton (samples to come)
    • Recycled & Organic Cotton Blends. 60% post-consumer waste and pre-consumer knitted garments cut waste and 40% virgin Organic Cotton.
    • 80% Organic Cotton COTTON / 20% Indian Hemp (samples to come)

    These fabrics are made using Ringspun cotton which is smoother and longer yarn compared to open-end yarn. In addition, Ringspun yarn goes through a spinning process that softens and straightens each fiber. The end result of Ringspun is a more refined fibre.
    Lead time. 45 days Cost does not include 5% Indian tax or freight.