EOI. 200gsm TENCEL Jersey Knit. White 50m MOQ $12-15.50/m


EOI ONLY.aud$12 only for full Mill MOQ 1200metres. See below for lower minimums to place your EOI.


NOTE. USE 100% DISCOUNT PROMO CODE "EOI" AT CHECKOUT to not be charged. You will receive updates and an Invoice once the MOQ is met and order proceeds. Nominate how many metres you would like to order in relation to the price.

Once the Mill's MOQ has been reached you will be sent a 7-day Invoice according to the metres you have ordered. Production time between 30-60 days.

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TENCEL™ Jersey knit.
COLOUR. White.
WEIGHT. 200 gsm
WIDTH. Tubular 81.28cm / 32 inch
Shrinkage 12x12.

Mill MOQ is. 300kgs.
Approx 1200-1300 metres per Colour.
aud$12 / metre

Prices do not include tax or freight.

Nominate the number of metres according to your needs.

Price indications are below. Prices may change slightly due to currency fluctuations.

MOQ. 500-1000 metres. PRICE. aud$12.50 / metre.

MOQ. 250-500 metres. PRICE. aud$13.50 / metre.

MOQ. 51-249 metres.
PRICE. aud$14.5 / metre.

MOQ. 50 metres. PRICE. aud$15.50/ metre

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