FSC BIO RUBBER/NEOPRENE. 110x220cm - 1sheet. Black. No Lining

FSC BIO RUBBER/NEOPRENE. 110x220cm - 1sheet. Black. No Lining



Made from FSC RUBBER COMPOUND using the Yulex Pure Process  to removes over 99.9% of natural rubber harmful impurities, including proteins and increases its performance characteristics and physical properties (green strength, tensile, elongation, modulus, etc).

Closed cell foam is produced with purified FSC rubber compound.
Fabric comes in sheet’s size: approximately 120cm x 210cm +/- 5%. 

There is a sheet thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 3mm

The Sample's sheet’s thickness is 1.5mm - this thickness is referred to foam only, tolerance +/-0.5mm


Fabric is good for swimwear, rashies, wetsuit jackets, yoga mats, etc. Perfect to replace standard neoprene foams on sustainable projects.


See further details and pricing below.


    Less than 1% of the worlds rubber supply currently comes from FSC certified sources and this is a natural low environmental impact alternative to synthetic rubber that is a 100% eco friendly natural rubber harvested from rubber trees.

    Click the link to order one (or more) sheets in Black is 100% biodegradable rubber that comes with the optional thin top/lining layer that is a laminated recycled polyester that can have your design printed on it.

    Request a standard colour, Pantone TCX colour or print by request.

    You may choose to use the foam with or without the additional optional thin layer that is a laminated recycled polyester to print your design onto the surface or have inside as lining.

    This low environment impact option is a Recycled polyester lining made out of PET plastic bottles is laminated with solvent free water based aqua alfa glue so there are no more harmful solvents and odours.

    • Sheets can be laminated on one face or on both faces with rPET jersey.
    • ​Lamination glue is water based (AquaAlfa)
    • Large range of jerseys and large range of colours and print to your design.
    • Lead time is approximately 8 weeks.
    • We have minimial sheets available in stock in Sydney, if we do not have the supply then a Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 20 sheets per item
    • Not final price may changed according to the exchange rate from USD to aud.
    • Cost is not inclusive of GST or freight.  These costs are based on the order and your location.


    Can be done like this with the combination of Yulex Pure and rPET printed layer adhesed to the rubber however this product uses 15% synthetic rubber which we do not need to and use 100% biodegradable FSC rubber.

    ​Request private link as we dont want to share this product to protect IP.


    All natural rubber materials are made better by being put through Yulex’s proprietary purifying process. 

    The Yulex Pure Process removes over 99.9% of natural rubber harmful impurities, including proteins and increases its performance characteristics and physical properties (green strength, tensile, elongation, modulus, etc).

    Our research and development for optimizing guayule natural rubber led Yulex to develop this process for the refinement of other natural rubber materials. We achieve these purified materials by means of refinement rather than by addition of chemicals or heavy metals.

    See more details on YouTube.

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