EXTRA LIGHT INDIGO. ORGANIC COTTON. Plain. Price $10.60/m* >250m

SKU: OC-030

All products are hand dyed using pure plant based dyes.  Learn more about our Natural Dyeing processes and Organic Cotton.



    100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. 

    100% natural hand dyed using pure plant-based natural dyes.

    COLOUR. Extra Light Indigo

    CODE 030.


    MOQ. Minimum Order Quantity 5 metres.

    SAMPLES. Half a metre (50 cm) = aud$20 plus postage

    WEIGHT RANGE. 60 gsm, 90 gsm, 130 gsm, 320 GSM, Twill, Jersey and Waffle Weaves



    60 GSM

    <10 metres - prices start at aud$16.80*

    <100 metres - prices start at aud$9.66*

    <250 metres - prices start at aud$8.40*

    >250 metres - prices start at aud$7.20*

    MOQ 5 metres. approx aud$16.80 x 5 metres = aud$84* plus postage.


    90 GSM

    <10 metres - prices start at aud$24.00*

    <100 metres - prices start at aud$13.80*

    <250 metres - prices start at aud$12.00*

    >250 metres - prices start at aud$10.60*

    MOQ 5 metres. approx aud$24 x 5 metres = aud$120* plus postage.


    130 GSM

    <10 metres - prices start at aud$28.40*
    >100 metres - prices start at aud$16.33*
    <250 metres - prices start at aud$14.20*
    >250 metres - prices start at aud$12.40*
    MOQ 5 metres. approx aud$28.40 x 5 metres = aud$142* plus postage.

    320 GSM
    <10 metres - prices start at aud$44.44*

    <100 metres - prices start at aud$25.55*

    <250 metres - prices start at aud$22.22*

    >250 metres - prices start at aud$20.62*

    MOQ 5 metres. approx aud$25.55 x 5 metres = aud$222.20* plus postage.


    Bright Red, Extra Light Indigo, Light Indigo, Medium Indigo, Dark Indigo, Ocean Indigo, Iron Indigo, Orange, Black, White, Beige, Light Beige, Natural Bleech, Onion Pink, Pink, Pale Yellow, Mustard Yellow, Mud Yellow, Green, Medium Green, Dark Green.

    Pantone. Other colours can be achieved by extra dipping into the dyes.  Send your requested Pantone for pricing and understanding of closest colours.


    WEAVE PATTERNS.  Available in 8 pattern styles. 

    1. Plain.  Weight 155 gsm 

    2. Dots. Weight 85 gsm 

    3. Knots. Weight 75 gsm

    4. ZigZag. Weight 85 gsm

    5. Stripes . Weight 85 gsm

    6. Steps. Weight 85 gsm

    7. Waves.  Weight 85 gsm

    8. Grids.  Weight 75 gsm


    ORIGIN. India


    Prices vary according to amounts purchased plus may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.


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