Recycled Organic Cotton & Organic Cotton, B&W, 1000m MOQ. Woven $11.20/m


Recycled white fiber in Ring spun 70% Virgin Cotton / Organic Cotton / BCI Cotton (post-consumer waste and pre-consumer knitted garments cut waste)

Plus+ 30% Recycled White Fiber (With CSP of 1800).

Count Range up to 30s.  GSM. 120-130gsm


MOQ 1000 metres – $11.20

MOQ 2000 metres – $9.50

WIDTH. 144.78cm / 57 inch.

Prices does not include 2.5% Indian taxes.


ACCREDITATION. GOTS Certified, Global Recycled Standard.
GOTS dyes and Traceability Signature Software for the organic cotton to trace the cotton for full transparency.

See page for full details on the Accreditation and software.


These fabrics are made using Ringspun cotton which is smoother and longer yarn compared to open-end yarn. In addition, Ringspun yarn goes through a spinning process that softens and straightens each fiber. The end result of Ringspun is a more refined fibre.


Knitted Fabric

By using the above yarns, we can give finished fabrics – ready to cut.


Woven Fabric

We use 2/30 / 2/30 with dyed yarn producing Yarn Dyed apparel fabrics.


COLOUR. Black, white, stripes and patterns.  Other colours available on large orders.


WEAVE PATTERNS also available.

STRIPE. Plain weave. GSM. 120-130gsm 

CHECK. Plain weave. GSM. 120-130gsm 

SOLID TWILL. Plain weave. GSM. 112gsm 

HERRINGBONE. Plain weave. GSM. 145gsm 

DOBBY. Plain weave. GSM. 180gsm​

HERRINGBONE. Plain weave. GSM. 220gsm

Prices may have a slight change based on colour change.

Does not include or international freight or domestic courier. This will depend on the final weight to your country, shared with all buyers to minimise our cost and eco footprint.

This fee will be calculated and invoiced separately along with a aud$20 banking and handling fee.
Read Taxes and freight info.