TENCEL DENIM. Black. $11-15/m. MOQ 60-1000. Lenzing 100% TENCEL. Woven

SKU: 13768



Plain woven Tencel (Lyocell)

Tencel trademarked to Lenzing Austria.  We then have it sustainably milled to STSC's fabric specifications.  Comes with swingtags


AVAILABLE COLOUR. Black, Indigo, plain & patterns

WEIGHT. 5ozs

WIDTH. 147-157cm / range between 58-62 inch


MOQ. Approx 8000-12000 metres per Colour

PRICE. aud$11 / metre

MOQ. <1000 metres. PRICE. aud$12.50 / metre

MOQ. <500 metres. PRICE. aud$13 / metre

MOQ. <250 metres. PRICE. aud$13.50 / metre

MOQ. <60 metres. PRICE. aud$14 / metre

MOQ. 10 metres (availability tbc). PRICE. aud$15/ metre


Production time is approximately 30-60 days shipping from India.


    100% Tencel woven fabric (also known as Lyocell) trademarked to Lenzing then produced to STSC's specifics with our accredited manufacturer to meet higher than regular sustainable standards along our entire supply chain, from the forest to the fabric.  GOTS accredited dyes.


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