STSC has developed a range of sustainable textiles with the view for many to be used in the bridal and luxury fashion industry.   To assist designers in capturing the attention of this eco-couture market STSC has created The Sustainable Veil Project.


Designers are invited to participate by purchasing a minimum of 10 metres of fabric listed in this Book.  Designers are asked to create either one style or many styles of veils to add to the Project.  The veils are a stand-alone piece that customers can purchase direct from the designer or STSC.


In this way we are able to support customers who wish to purchase a gorgeous and unique veil to accompany a dress that is vintage, second-hand, a memorable heirloom or their own special dress.  The veil also highlights the skills and aesthetics of a series of designers, and introduces them to clients wanting to also commission a unique gown to match the veil.


When creating the veil, we also encourage designers to consider designing it so that it can be converted to become a very special scarf that the client can wear many times over after the nuptials.  This enables the beautiful veil a chance to live-on and embrace STSC’s sustainable fashion ethos.   

DESIGNERS wishing to participate can Download the Textiles Book to purchase fabrics plus potential CUSTOMERS can follow us on Instagram and reach out to purchase a veil as they appear.