TENCEL™ Luxe is the new player of eco-couture fabrics. This new lyocell filament heralds a new era of sustainable cellulose fabrics for the premium luxury market​.

STSC are proud to have been chosen to offer Lenzing’s new eco-couture luxury botanic fabric TENCEL™ Luxe to wholesale. 
Download information and the Eco-Couture Textile Price List for LUXE and luxury blends.

LUXE is perfectly suited for very fine fabrics made exclusively from this yarn and as a blending partner with Tencel, wool and eco-nylon. STSC is also working with Lenzing on an exclusive new blend that will become one of the world’s most sustainable and ethical textile range. 

Lenzing Group launched a new product TENCEL™ Luxe in end 2017 and production has begun in late 2018.


TENCEL™ Luxe is another key milestone in the implementation of the company’s Core TEN strategy and the first time that Lenzing enters the filament market. It will further support Lenzing’s shift to become a true speciality player in the botanic materials market derived from sustainable wood sources.

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