Learn more about our specialised sustainable textiles by downloading the latest various Prices Lists.  There are 7 individual Price Lists showing in-depth fabric details and specs.

Or download the overview of Textiles at a Glance to see the collection.  

Please note due to current currency fluctuations these prices may change when it comes to time for the invoice. 


To proceed please choose from the following steps:


Option 1.
Book an appointment in person in Sydney or via Skype to go through the Collection & assess your needs.

As a specialised service, STSC charge a First Appointment fee of aud$110.
$100 is rebated off first orders above $1500.  

Option 2.  
Purchase available Sample Books 


Option 3.
purchase Fabric for Sampling  

Option 4.
Send a Purchase Order Wish List to start the process to order textiles, determine your requirements and how STSC can help  



First Appointment is to ascertain your needs and show you the Collection.  To do this please first download, fill in and email a Purchase Order Request Form prior to our meeting.  

It allows us to tailor the presentation to your needs plus the PO Request Form acts as your "wish-list" (regarding MOQs, fabric blends etc) plus help me consider if there are other fabrics I'm working on that may be appropriate to show - Im working on exciting new developments in sustainable textiles from around the world all the time so they may not be on the website as yet.  

Moving forward this PO Form is how we keep our communication in one place to discuss the nuances of the fabric specs, pricing etc.

In the PO you can include notes to discuss re specific Sample Books, questions on ordering a few metres of fabric from a few different textiles for Sampling, etc etc.  

As a wholesaler with very special relationships with my Mills I can often perform miracles :)

We will also use the PO form to commence Print Consulting if you wish to print.  

Click here to Book an Appointment or follow the other links.  Once we've settled on the appointment date and time I will send the link for payment and I look forward to meeting you.

Next step is to Book an appointment either in person in Sydney or via Skype.  Note international timezones can be complicated so if times don't suit then please send an email with 2 proposed time-frames. We are in Sydney, Australian Eastern Standard time..


At the end of the First Appointment we will ascertain the best Next Steps for you to take which will include filling in and sending a Purchase Order Request Form. 


This may be to order Sample Books, or 3+ metres of fabric for Sampling or a full order, commence Print Consulting, or just order direct online. 


This is the fastest and most efficient path to give you a full run-down of our sustainable textile collection, ascertained your needs and minimise our carbon footprint by not sending tiny samples around the world.

Click here to Book an Appointment and I look forward to meeting you.


Timeframes for sending Sample Books and fabric samples is approx 2-6 weeks depending on availability - some Books may need to be made and shipped, or I may need to wait for a full production run to secure sample fabrics (depends on the order MOQ) ie. could be faster but allow at least 30 days.

- Sample runs (for Low MOQs) you will usually receive within 30-90 days from STSC or the Mill after receiving 100% payment.

- Production runs (large MOQs (7-60 days) from Mill.

Usual process includes the Mill receiving a 30%-100% deposit. In some instances we require the Mill to send a Production Sample once they've finished the full production for final approval.

100% full payment plus shipping costs is required prior to its release. The Mills and STSC do not hold open accounts.


STSC have an amazing Shipping Agent and we do not use a client's Courier Account. It is enormously time consuming and so far unsuccessful to allow clients to arrange shipping due to a variety of courier security restrictions. You can get a comparative quote, but I guarantee my Agent is faster and the best.


Given the enormous amount of variables brought about by dealing with hundreds of fabrics and multiple Mills, there will always be adjustments - but as we grow the industry we hope to have more and more fabrics available and stories to share of our farming and artisan communities, Mills, makers, dyers and eco-printers who are all the backbone of this push to support the health of the environment and the people, and the reason why I support them and love working with them.


I’ve designed the STSC website to give designers quick access and the benefit of learning from my years of information that I’ve discovered over the years about sustainable, biodegradable, circular fashion textiles?

I feel it’s important to share so designers can use it as a resource to learn as much as possible, and as quickly as possible, to help brands pivot fast as we move into this exciting new direction of sustainable and circular fashion and to help capture the growing number of customers asking for action.

I’ve amassed a huge range of fabrics over the last two & a half years by working closely with wholesale fabric Mills and Artisan groups to be able to offer a range of several hundred different fabrics to suit various price points and target markets and to offer both large and low MOQs.

Textiles are made to order to minimise waste, therefore customers will need to factor in an estimated lead time of at least two months for delivery, with progress updates given throughout.

We focus exclusively on processes with a minimum of negative environmental footprint.


STSC and our suppliers in Austria, India, Indonesia and Japan work to ensure their business and production practices are of the highest ethical and environmental standards, and we are proud to work with an exceptional team who care as much about our communities and the planet as we do.

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