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****PLEASE NOTE. Due to price increases and currency fluctuations prices have changed therefore prices listed are only indications and will be updated when you are sent Quotes.  Quotes are also only held for 24 hours and may increase at time of invoice.

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Certified eco-textiles both woven (handloom and powerloom) and knits; (TENCEL™, MODAL™ , TENCEL™Luxe, and ECOVERO™), recycled fibres (never rPET), through to GOTS Organic Cotton, Ahimsa Peace silk and GOTS Organic Peace Silk, plus unique fabrics made from hemp, jute and nettle, Ayurvastra handloom GOTS organic cotton.Sitting at the core of our philosophy are our recycled fabrics made from organic cotton and wool plus Hybrid blends with Organic Cotton and Aloe Vera or banana.

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We either provide additional services or recommend depending on needs these include: CMT, Australia and India, ECO-DIGITAL PRINTING. in Sydney, London or India.  DYEING with AZO-Free dyes, GOTS or natural plant dyes. 

And we definitely do not support putting recycled synthetic or rPET back into the fashion supply chain for everyday garments - its bad for our oceans, the environment and human health.  Its ok for products not to be regularly washed eg raincoats and we do however sell for interiors & upholstery or lining with the BIO RUBBER. If you have to use it, and buy a GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag to capture their dangerous microfibres in your existing wardrobe.


STSC can work with you regarding fabric development for creating a bespoke fabric not included in our existing fabrics range, we can manage printing, dyeing and making.  Click here to learn more about our  Consultancy service, prices start from aud$340.

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You will see in the Price Lists I refer to several Mills - I work with 12 Mills in India, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Bangladesh.

MILL #1. India. Woven. Price List #2

Lenzing fabrics only. Can be eco-digital printed in Australia, London and India.

Wovens: EcoVero, TENCEL, Modal plus blends using Lenzing yarns.

MILL #2. India. Woven and Knit. 
e List #2) All fabrics are included in Mill #2 Sample Book

Plain or waterless eco-digital printed using water based NeoPigment Inks.

TENCEL, and MODAL 100% plus blends.

GOTS Organic Cotton and Linen (Price List #3)

Ahimsa Silk (Price List #6 Luxury) 

MILL #3. India.  Woven. (Price List #2)

Lenzing TENCEL DENIM 100% and some blends with Tencel plus cotton and small spandex.  - Samples viewed in Sydney or by Order Request.

MILL #4. Indonesia.  Knitted Jersey. (Price List #2)

ECOVERO AND TENCEL 100% plus some with small spandex  

MILL #5. India. Handloom Woven. (Price List #4 Ayurvastra)

Ayurvastra Handloom GOTS Organic Cotton and Ayurvastra Ahimsa Silk. Hand dyed either yarn or fabric using pure plant based dyes and imbued with Ayurveda medicinal herbs and plants or you can order griege to print or dye  yourself.

MILL #6. India. Woven. (Price List #1 Mixed)

GOTS Organic Cotton blended with banana or aloe vera or recycled cotton. Note MOQs are 1000 metres or above.

MILL #7. India. Woven Handloom and powerloom .
Handloom Linen (Price List #3)

Recycled Wool - powerloom (Price List #1)

Nettle and Hemp blends - Handloom (Price List #5)

MILL #9. Bangladesh. Woven Handloom  
Pineapple and GOTS Organic Cotton
 (Price List #1 Mixed)

Jute and GOTS Organic Cotton (Price List #1 Mixed)

MILL #10. India. Woven Handloom and powerloom .

GOTS organic Peace Silk 100% plus with organic blends. (Price List #6 Luxury)

MILL #11. Japan. Woven powerloom .

TENCLE LUXE  100% plus with blends. (Price List #6 Luxury)

MILL #12. Taiwan. Woven powerloom .

Bio Rubber for swimwear.  Details to come.  Samples available to see at CIRCULARITY Workshop & Sustainable Textile Sourcing Event.